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Our mission is to empower community residents to learn new skills, develop products and businesses, create art, and build their future. Lawrence Creates leverages the amazing creativity of Lawrence and Douglas County to help ourselves and our neighbors achieve our dreams and improve our lives. We create opportunities for collaboration, learning, mentoring, and innovation. We provide shared workshops, tools, services, and training for artists, designers, inventors, engineers, architects, makers, hobbyists, and other creative people. We serve individuals and the cultural, arts, business, and other organizations of Douglas County. We help residents develop new skills, products, and businesses; enhance the reputation of the region as a creative hub; and contribute to the quality of life and economic development.

Meeting Goals

  1. Confirm and clarify the Makerspace goals
  2. Establish a path, with specific activities, to attract and retain members

Agenda: Opening (30 minutes)

  1. Me talking (2-5 minutes)
    1. Keep the discussion on the current task and allow equal opportunity for everyone to speak. Please help me track and maintain this practice. <rationale/>
    2. Ask questions instead of volunteering answers
  2. Opening ideas, history, and opportunity to speak
    1. Eric and Barb: Short history of the Makerspace and original goals (5-7 minutes)
    2. Around the table(s) opportunity for each participant to express their thoughts/goals/vision (3-4 minutes each)


Agenda: Current State(30 minutes)

  • Allison's report on member survey
  • Austin's status
  • Clifton's marketing report

Most pressing issues:

  1. Financial stability. (Causes, actions)
    1. Slow member growth (Causes solutions)
      1. Lack of classes
      2. Lack of equipment/resources
      3. Lack of projects/activity
      4. ???
    2. Proceeds from activities don't justify effort?
  2. Organizational
    1. Lack of stable priorities
    2. Lack of clear plans/policies/process
    3. Lack of time by core members to implement the decisions/ideas (i.e. promotional stuff).

Agenda Assumptions

Agenda: Makerspace Overall goals and purpose (30 minutes)

There are pressing issues that we must resolve, however if we don't take some time to dream about the things that we would like to do--or at least work towards--, without focusing on their practicality, then why are we here?

  1. ...
  2. ...


Agenda Action plan (60 minutes)

Short term, complete within 30 days:

  1. Calendar, major events

Medium term, complete within 60 days:

  1. ??

Long term, 60+days:

  1. ??